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Air Rey offers free inspections for your air conditioning unit. Schedule your same-day free inspection by phone or contact form. All repairs & installations are done by trained licensed professionals.

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  • AC Installation

    Relax and let our trusted HVAC experts handle installations for your home, business, or new construction project.

  • AC Repair

    Your comfort is our top priority. If you’re experiencing issues with your air conditioner call us to set up a free check-up that’s convenient for your schedule

  • Seasonal Maintenace

    You deserve a healthy and enjoyable indoor environment. Extend the life of your system and lower your energy costs with our air conditioning maintenance service.

  • Our Offers

    Free media filter, with free replacements for 2 years. Cool Cash rebates up to $1500 on rebates on high energy efficient units.

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We put your comfort first with monthly promotions on equipment, service, and maintenance plans. We have payment plans to make it affordable for you to upgrade your equipment so you can relax in comfort. We're committed to keeping your air, and your home, perfectly comfortable.


Elevate to the Ultimate in Comfort and Control

The perfect indoor climate is unique to you. Contact us for a free estimate to learn how we can help you achieve efficiency, savings, and the ultimate level of comfort for your home.

Maximum Comfort

The Carrier Infinity® System works seamlessly to manipulate multiple dimensions of comfort – temperature, humidity, airflow and air quality – until your ideal environment is achieved.

  • Temperature

    Wasting time adjusting the thermostat until you reach comfort equilibrium is over. This system gives you pinpoint heating and cooling precision by automatically adapting to the weather.

  • Humidity

    Imbalanced air moisture can lead to sticky situations: mildew and mold? No, thank you. By monitoring your home's environment, the Infinity® System Control can command an Infinity heat pump or air conditioner to run slower and longer to remove moisture without overcooling when it's warm

  • Indoor Air Quality

    The Carrier Infinity® System kills germs and traps dust and pet dander while keeping your home ventilated with fresh air. The result is healthier, more pleasant environments for the whole family.

Infinity Carrier Air Conditioning System

Maximum Efficiency

Cutting utility costs shouldn't come at the expense of cutting comfort. This system balances both to keep money in your wallet and deliver the ideal environment.

  • Energy-Saving Technology

    Making smart decisions about your home comfort system now will affect your energy costs for years to come. The Infinity® System monitors and controls your indoor and outdoor equipment to minimize energy consumption.

  • Energy-Saving Programs

    The Infinity® System Control makes saving simple. This easy-to-use interface adapts, learns and communicates with the entire Infinity System for powerful, energy-efficient programmable settings, precise energy tracking and to-the-dollar saving intelligence.

Infinity Carrier Control Panel

Frequently asked questions: Air Conditioning

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

There's a lot of factors that contribute to this issue. The most common reason is that the A/C unit has not been serviced recently. The A/C unit could have a faulty condenser or filter which prevents the unit from operating at 100% capacity. In come cases the unit may require more freon.

How much does it cost to fix a home air conditioner?

Repair costs vary by the difficulty of the task. It could be as simple as swithcing out a capacitor or replacing a compressor, price varies on the condition of the unit.

How do you troubleshoot a home air conditioner?

The easiest way to find an issue with your unit is to ensure that the filter isn't dirty, the drain isn't clogged and verify that the exterior is not dirty and is operating normally.

Can you recharge your home AC yourself?

It is not advised that home owners attempt to recharge their own unit. This is because the state of TX requires a license to handle A/C unit freon. Another reason is that freon can be very dangerous in the hands of a person who isn't trained and certified to handle the coolant and could result in injury.

How often should your home AC be recharged?

A well operating unit should never have to be recharged with coolant. If you find your self needing to recharge the coolant the unit most likely has a leak. You should identify where the leak is and fix that before adding coolant to the unit otherwise it will keep escaping.

What size air conditioner do I need?

Unit size should be calculated based on the rules and regulations from the ACCA. The unit size will vary depending on the structure, type of insualtion and type of window.

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Improving Texas homes and businesses with HVAC services for more than 15 years.

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Each member of our team is screened for craftsmanship, reliability, timeliness, and service.

  • Factory Trained & OEM Certified

    Our technicians are factory trained and authorized by Carrier® to perform installations, repairs, and maintenance.

  • Background Checked

    Our technicians undergo full criminal history background checks to give you peace of mind.

  • Friendly & Respectful

    We respect your time and property. We’re committed to total customer satisfaction.

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We Take Customer Satisfaction Seriously

Customer service is our top priority and we believe our job is not done until you are 100% satisfied. Contact us for a free inspection or call 866-341-5200 to speak to one of our friendly HVAC experts.

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  • Michael Scott
    Justin J.
    AC Installation

    We are a design / build / real estate broker firm. We do new high end construction remodels, and are realtors. Gerardo, with Air-Rey, is the only guy we call for all of our HVAC jobs. We have tried many HVAC companies but what makes Gerardo and Air Rey standout is that he/they are always immediately responsive. Very hard to find in this day. We would (and do) recommend them. 5 stars.

  • Jim Halpert
    Christian F.
    AC Repair

    My a/c wasn't working and these guys came out same day and fixed the problem within an hour. Super fast and friendly.

  • Pam Beasly
    A/C Repair

    Excellent customer service. Came to our home right away. Professionals with uniform and trucks identifying the company. Knowledgeable on HVAC and very helpful. The technician had experience and fixed the issue same day. We'll recommend Air Rey in our family.

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Customer service is our top priority. We believe our job is not done until you are 100% satisfied.

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